World-Class Fuel Knowledge, Experience and Delivery

We wholeheartedly believe in giving our customers an edge over their competitors in all aspects of our industry.

Our pricing options will enable our customers to tailor their fuel prices to fit their business. We are willing to work together with our new and veteran customers, in order to grow together.

Capped Price

• If fuel prices rise, you are protected by the capped price. If prices drop, you receive the lower price, thanks to downside insurance.
• Small Administration Fee (Covers Downside Insurance for Allied).

Fixed Price

• An agreed upon predetermined set price is established for a year.
• Based on the estimated number of gallons for the upcoming year.
• Allows for budget-friendly forecasting.
• No Administration Fee.

Flexible Pricing

• Daily pricing is based on Oil Pricing Information Service (OPIS) Rack Average.
• If prices drop, you receive the lower price.
• If prices rise, your costs rise.
• No Administration Fee.